Wacom tablets track every app you open

This is an interesting little piece of drama surrounding the Wacom tablets that are hooked up to our computers in the lab. Apparently, by default they track which applications you open while they’re in use, which has understandably raised concerns about privacy. Wacom says the data is only collected in bulk and can’t be used to identify individuals’ app usage, but people are uncomfortable all the same. It’s interesting to think how something as simple as a drawing tablet can be used for what is essentially spying. I wonder how much useful information can even be gleaned from these usage stats–if someone is using a Wacom tablet, I’d assume that 99% of the time they’d be using it with Illustrator or another illustration app. Maybe Wacom would find that a tiny percentage of users are using the tablet to browse the internet, but it’s not like this is really the target audience anyways.

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