Picrew Creators and Self-Expression


A fun trend that has been circulating amongst the online spaces I frequent in recent months have been these “Picrew” character creators. Picrew is a Japanese character creator website that allows artists to create their own character creators to then share with others. For the viewer, these creators function like a fairly standard doll maker where you pick from a selection of features curated by the artist, like facial features, hair, clothing, and accessories.


The versatility of Picrews has allowed for a variety of fun creators to mess around with, including a Furby Picrew:

It’s become a recurring trend for me and my friends to post new Picrews from various artists and make versions of ourselves to share and gush over. Oftentimes artists have included inclusive options like pride flag buttons for their creators to let people of various identities be able to represent themselves in the icons they create, too. I’ve found a lot of delight in using Picrew creators, maybe you’ll be interested in exploring Picrew as well, or even make your own!

With credits to @citruslucy on Twitter for the Picrew used in this article:

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