How our psychology is altered by where we choose to live


In the first half of our spring break, before I had to leave abruptly, I was in Paris. I find the city’s design with multiple boulevards and interlacing alleys that allows you to get lost to be very thrilling. My friend told me that even though he goes to school from his house everyday, each time he leaves he unintentionally takes a different route. This made me think that the design of the city might be the reason for why Parisians have such a laid back lifestyle focused on the pleasures of life from wandering around to good food. I began reading about it and this article I found says that there have been multiple studies looking at the human brain’s reaction to being in different spaces and cities. It is interesting because some of our psyche is out of our control if it depends so much on our environment. This also means that by placing ourselves in creative spaces or redesigning existing places we can alter our minds to be happier.

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