Virtual Class: Week One/March 23rd

Hi all, a brief overview of today/moving forward for our class online.

  1. BlueJeans video link was sent via email for live meeting (will be posted here on the blog afterwards). Attendance is not mandatory
    1. 401: 10AM – 11AM EST
    2. 402: 2PM – 3PM EST
    3. If you want to attend a different one than your original class, I’m totally fine with that.
  1. Adobe CC Download Instructions
    1. – Make sure your email address is public on PennDirectory (this can be reversed after downloading the applications) (See below for instructions)
    2. – When logging into Adobe, use your email address, NOT
    3. – Follow the same instructions on the IT website (
  2. Updated Projects – Virtual Week 1 (they are the same for both sections) located in the Projects Menu.
    1. Class 401 – Storyboard Animation + Desktop Portrait
    2. Class 402 – Storyboard Animation + Desktop Portrait
  3. I’m sent out invites for our class folder on Penn Box – This is the easiest way to collect submitted projects rather than going through the Juno design server.
    1. If this didn’t work for you, let me know.
  4. I sent out invites for Slack last week, please let me know if you didn’t receive one. We’ll be using this as our classroom + crit space moving forward. Wednesday will be our live Ask Me Anything style discussion from 10AM – 4PM.
  5. Critique Groups! We will be moving to having all of our critiques online in small groups on Slack. I’ll send invites on Slack for everyone today – it will be four – five people per group. When you have finished your project, upload it to the individual critique slack channel and start a threaded conversation on the image/video. I will be joining in on these conversations too. I will post example images here.
  6. Finally, a reminder to post to the blog once a week!

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