Art Podcasts To Check Out


Recently I came across this article that features 10 art related podcasts to listen to. Since we can’t go to museums or galleries I looked at a couple of them and think they have really interesting material. My particular favorites (all can be found on Spotify) include Talk Art by Russell Tovey and Robert Diament. They talk about recent events in the art world while also hosting really cool artists. They have a sort of gossipy tone which brings a sense of humor to their podcast. They also talk about regular events from the week which brings a much needed organic connection between the art world and reality. Another favorite is The Lonely Palette hosted by Tamar Avishai. In each episode she picks a painting and asks non-expert museum goers what they see and how they feel. After asking the public to engage with the painting she starts talking about the work and tells the listeners about the movement, social context, formal qualities etc. of the painting. I think both are relevant especially now when we’re socially distant from each other and can’t really discuss things that we see; both podcasts give me a feeling of being part of an ongoing conversation.

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