Celebrate Experimental Game Design from Your Home with Now Play This 2020


While current events have led to countless public events being canceled around the world, one festival decided to broadcast its schedule online to viewers everywhere this past weekend.

Now Play This is an experimental game festival that’s been hosted at Somerset House in London for the past few years celebrating game designers who push the idea of games to their breaking point or otherwise play with the form. In the wake of cancelling their IRL festival, many events were hosted online over Twitch.

Events included a “virtual field trip” of Half-Life with professor Robert Yang of NYU and a photographic tour of No Man’s Sky, all of which can be viewed in the archives on their Twitch channel. In addition, there is an official selection of games and other works that had been originally scheduled to appear at the festival that anyone can go and play, including AI-generated text adventure game AI Dungeon 2 and Electronic Sweet-N-Fun Fortune Teller, a “love compatibility and horoscope game for the Nintendo Entertainment System.”

If you want to experience an art festival during these times of self-isolation, I’d highly recommend checking it out!


Featured image is a screenshot of Dustnet, taken from a talk with the developers as part of the festival’s streamed events:

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