Project 1

Project 1: What is an Image and How Does it Mean?
January 15 – February 19
In this first project you will develop manual sketches into digital (vector) drawings using Adobe Illustrator, creating abstract, non-representational shapes and simple symbolic forms in a fixed space, using a variety of tools, methods, and organizing principles.

Project 1 Readings

Arranging Things – Koren – January 27
‘Image’ definition, Wikipedia – January 27
Communication Models – Davis – January 27
Nature of Representation – Davis – February 3
Invisible Cities – Italo Calvino – February 12

Tutorial Sign up Sheet

llustrator I & II: Feb. 2nd
Session 1: 12:00pm-3:00pm
Session 2: 3:30pm-6:30pm

Project 1.1: Literacy
Project 1.1 Description
Project 1.1 Examples
Project 1.1 More Examples (Page sequence: Final Image, Six studies)
visual literacy: image analysis, translation/abstraction/repetition
Discuss assigned readings, bring a sound recording to class and describe—identify source, media, visual character. Review reduction strategies for the audio, translate/draw your interpretation in Illustrator; develop as an engaging composition using only black and white.
Final + 6 studies, 1-color (black and white)
Bring in a field recording (30 seconds – minute) to class

1/15 Project 1.1 Assigned
1/20 No Class
1/22 Come to class with a field recording
1/27 Studio Class – Come to class with four studies in Illustrator complete
1/29 Project 1.1 Due – In class critique

Project 1.2: Meaning
Project 1.2 Description
Project 1.2 Template File
Project 1.2 Examples
Project 1.2 More Examples
symbolic representation: visual research, reduction
Design a tri-fold manual for an object to solve a contemporary or fictional problem. Research and appropriate/adapt/hybrid designs using existing vector symbol libraries.
Final, 2-color (black and white plus 1-color), print two copies

01/29: Project 1.2 Assigned
02/03: Signs and Symbols lecture/ three hand-drawn sketches of different objects due/studio
02/05: Studio + Illustrator Effects / patterns (Class will be mostly studio to work on this project)
02/10: Project 1.2 Due – In Class Critique

Project 1.3: Abstraction
Project 1.3 Description
Project 1.3 Examples
Project 1.3 More Examples 
Please choose your city by September 23rd and come to class with three sketches in your sketchbook.
Abstract interpretation of a city from Italo Calvino’s Invisible Cities
Final + 6 studies, Full color

02/10: Project 1.3 Assigned
02/12: Invisible City Chosen + Written List of Concepts in your City (5-10 Words in your sketchbook), Optional: 2 hand drawn sketches (10-15 min each).
02/17: 4 Completed Studies Due / Studio
02/19: No Class / Open Studio
02/24: Project 1.3 Critique

Exporting Artboards and Importing into New File

Notes for Project
1. In class I  will cover how to print from a PDF. You can also print from Illustrator, the directions for how to do this are here.

2. You will also notice that the project final work should be 10.5″ x 10.5″.  This means that you need to print on paper larger than the standard 8.5″ x 11″. The Phaser prints on Tabloid paper, which is sized to 11″ x 17″. You should set your Final Layout page to this size, and then place your Final Image inside this image. Here is short video tutorial on how to do this, please watch: