Virtual Week 2


  1. Download Processing to your computer (it’s free!) and the Processing Cheat Sheet.
  2. Processing Hour of Code (1 hour, of course) – Do this on Monday before you start the Processing Still Life Assignment (tutorial videos also on the project page)
    1. More information: Slides from Processing Tutorials
      1. processingDeckA
      2. processingDeckB

3. Processing Still Life(s) (2.5 hours)

4. Next week we’ll be working with a data set that you collect this week. This data set should come from something you’re doing or seeing at home. It could be:

  • How many cups of coffee you drank
  • How many times you’re washing your hands
  • How many times you told someone ______________.
  • How many times you checked Facebook/Instagram/
  • Etc (this is extremely open (the only exception is don’t do how many hours you slept).

Collect at least seven lines of data. Share in your crit groups on Slack what you’re planning on recording for the data set.


Since we all can’t be live at the same time, we’re moving to an asynchronous model with smaller groups. Add a link to your latest work in your individual Slack Channels that I’ve assigned for the crit group by Monday evening. Everyone in the group should comment on each others work as a threaded discussion. Feel free to also write a description for your own work as well on the posts/work you share.

Click on the post, select the chat bubble on the side. You will see a window open on your right and you can add your threaded discussion into the chat. Write at minimum one sentence of feedback per other person’s work.


Live video sessions on BlueJeans (see email for invite link) – Monday 10AM-11AM or 2PM-3PM – Feel free to attend either session if possible, attendance not required. One of the sessions will be posted here after class.

Live Chat/Ask Me Anything (AMA) on Slack (see email for invite link) – Wednesday 10AM – 4PM
I’ll be checking this throughout the week for questions.