Hourly Comics Day and Social Media Tradition

Yesterday was the annual Hourly Comics Day, a social media event where artists are encouraged to create short-form comics for every hour they’re awake. It’s always been a cute tradition for me to see with the artists I follow on Twitter, one that encourages off-the-cuff drawings without concern for editing or precision. Most hourlies end up drawn on post-its or scraps of paper and are filled with the mundanity of everyday life, like these from Kate Beaton:

It’s been fascinating to see these traditions emerge in digital culture, with Hourly Comics Day as well as October’s Inktober, and even though I’ve yet to participate myself (maybe next year!), it’s nice to feel a part of something when my timeline is nothing but hourly comics.

Featured image courtesy of Joe Whitt (@funkyobligation on Twitter).


– Penny Bee




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