Virtual Class: Week Six / April 27th


  1. Public Intervention Proposal
    1. Part I was due yesterday (Proposal Document + 2 Photoshop mockups)
    2. Part II is due at the beginning of next week (Video Proposal) on Monday, May 4th
    3. Group Assignments are here
    4. Final Critique Date to be sent out later this week.
  2. No final portfolio is required. If you would like to do one, instructions are here and reach out to me individually for more information / questions.
    Example Final Portfolio

Final Critique

Please fill out this Doodle Poll before Friday
401-264 Critique Poll Link

Group Meetings – Please Read!

I would like to meet with all the groups individually on Wednesday, April 29th. Please sign up for a slot on this Sign-up Sheet. If only one group member can make it, that’s okay.

Please also post a link to your pdfs in the #addc-all-crit channel on Slack. I’m asking that each post has three pieces of feedback on it. It’s totally okay if you want to give feedback on a group which is not from your particular class. Please do this by Wednesday afternoon.

Public Art Documentation Examples


This week is our last live class. I’ll be sending out a Doodle poll later today to find out availability for class critique times next week. Please include your available times by this Friday.

One of the sessions will be posted here after class.

Slack – I’ll be checking this throughout the week for questions.

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