Virtual Class: Week Four/April 13th

Note: Today is stormy with high winds in Philadelphia, and it’s possible the power may go out here. If so, I’ll record a video and put it up here when the power comes back


Hi All! Today we’re going to talk about:

  • How are you doing / watching anything good?
  • Alternate Critique format this week
  • Tiny Monuments


  1. Tiny Monuments! – Use Adobe Premiere and paper folding to create a short film. If you don’t have access to Adobe Premiere, use iMovie.


Let’s try something different this week. If you are available, please sign up for a crit group on Wednesday in this spreadsheet. We will do small group crits with five people in each group, 4-5 minutes each, focusing on feedback for the Data Portraits. Please leave the earliest time for those who are 8-12 hours ahead. Both of my sections will be taking part in this, so it’s okay if groups mix and match people from either class. Participation is not required but highly encouraged.


Live video sessions on BlueJeans (see email for invite link) – Monday 10AM-11AM or 2PM-3PM – Feel free to attend either session if possible, attendance not required. One of the sessions will be posted here after class.

Slack – I’ll be checking this throughout the week for questions. No AMA on Wednesday because of group crits (see above).

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